91 people have died in work accidents this year

91 people have died in work accidents this year

91 people have died in work accidents this year

The civil construction sector is the one in which there were more cases. There are fewer deadly victims than in the last two years.

In Portugal, 91 people have died in work accidents this year, with the civil construction sector registering the highest number of cases, followed by manufacturing, according to data from the Labor Conditions Authority (ACT).

On Thursday, the most recent work accident occurred when a man died after being struck by a metal structure in the works of the future EDP Center of Arts and Technology in the space of the Museum of Electricity in Lisbon.

The Authority’s Working Conditions (ACT) figures date back to last October 24, compared with the last two years, there are fewer casualties, although there is still about a month and a half left by the end of 2014. According to the figures available on the ACT website, comparatively in 2012, occupational accidents killed 149 people. In 2013, work-related accidents killed 141 people.

Of the 91 dead this year, 87 were Portuguese citizens and four foreigners, 86 males and 5 females, most of whom were between the ages of 45 and 54 and were workers or similar workers.

The cause of most of the deaths were multiple injuries, 24 this year, 40 last year and 38 in 2012, with 35 cases still pending in 2014.

In 16 of the cases, this year the deaths resulted from “slipping or faltering with falling” or “falling from person”, while ten were “total or partial loss of control of machinery or means of transport.”

The northern region recorded the highest number of deaths, with 33 (in the same period in previous years, 62 in 2012 and 44 in 2013), followed by the Lisbon and Tagus Valley regions, with 29 (45 in 2012 and 40 in 2013 ) and the Alentejo, with seven (eleven in 2012 and fifteen in the last year).

The day of the week in which most accidents occurred this year was on Monday 21 cases, followed by Tuesday with 19, while in 2012 the most rugged day was Tuesday (31) and last year was the Friday (33).

In relation to serious work accidents, and until October 24 of this year, the ACT recorded 232, with January being the most fateful, with 45 cases. The district of Lisbon was the one in which more cases occurred, with 43, followed by Porto, with 37, and Aveiro, with 23.

The construction sector is also the most affected, with 73 of the cases, followed soon by the manufacturing industries, with less two.

The north, with 97 of the accidents, leads the most rugged region, while Lisbon and Tagus Valley appear with 63 and the center region with 41.

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